About Us

Aqiyla McLean is the founder of Apluss Taxes. She is dedicated to her brand and is constantly sharpening her expertise in this ever-evolving industry.

At Apluss Taxes, our experts are skilled in helping clients adapt to our cloud-based technology, and we take pride in creating streamlined processes to efficiently handle all your financial needs. We provide unparalleled support for our clients and strive to remain a top-tier resource that’s always focused on delivering personalized results. 

Why Apluss Taxes LLC?

Our mission is to always be transparent, trustworthy and reliable. Our goal is to provide success driven results while simultaneously teaching our clients financial literacy that can be applied to all aspects of their lives.




With our services in tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll and business formation, we provide you with a solid financial foundation that will open new doors to exciting opportunities that will help you reach your financial goals. We are here to empower you and your finances with the right education that even schools fail to teach.

Ready To Have Us Handle The Complications of Your Business?